Student Questions

What are college and career pathways?

Learn more here

What's for lunch?

View menus here

How can I check my grades?

HAC allows you to view grades.

Home Access Center

I don't remember my HAC Login. Who can help me with that?

Brenda Fuller can assist you. Her email is bfuller@pearidgek12.com

Who can I talk to about bullying?

Assistant Principal, Jamie Rappe, can be contacted at jrappe@pearidgek12.com

How do I contact my teacher?

You can search their name in the teacher database.

What is the dress code?

Students at Pea Ridge High School have the choice to wear clothing that is appropriate for school. Clothing that is appropriate for school may be defined as clothing that does not distract from the mission or purpose of the school, does not cause a disruption of learning as determined by school officials, or does not appear in any manner to be inappropriate, obscene, illegal, or lewd.
Pea Ridge High School enforces the following dress code regulations:
Students may not wear…


  • Sagging or low-riding pants or shorts.
  • Wallets with chains.
  • Spiked jewelry or clothing.
  • Any shirts with straps/sleeves smaller than three fingers (2 inches) in width.
  • Pajama bottoms or lounge pants.
  • House slippers.
  • Any item of clothing with inappropriate language, logos, advertising, etc.
  • Hats may be worn in common areas (cafeteria, hallways, etc.…) Teachers may require students to remove hats in classroom settings.
  • Jeans, pants, skirts or shorts that are not appropriate for school.
  • Any item of clothing that shows undergarments, bare midriff, back area, etc.
  • Any item school administration determines to cause a disruption of school, or otherwise interfere with the educational process.

Parent Questions

What is Schoology?

Information about Schoology can be found here

Who should I contact to Join PTO?

Thank you for your interest! You can reach out to Misty Harris and she can point you in the right direction. mharris@pearidgek12.com

I think my child might need extra help. Who can I contact for that?

Dana Tabor would be glad to help. She can be reached at dtabor@pearidgek12.com

How can I check my child's grades?

HAC allows you to view grades.

Home Access Center

How do I enroll my child?

You can visit our enrollment or school choice page to begin! 

How do I contact my child's teacher?

You can find your child’s teacher’s contact information on the High School Staff Page.

What are college and career pathways?

Info can be found here

Community Questions

How do I apply?

You can view job openings and apply here

Can you tell me about the school's performance?
Can my organization use your facilities to meet?

Please contact Assistant Superintendent Keith Martin at  kmartin@pearidgek12.com

For inquiries regarding the athletic facility, please contact Tony Travis ttravis@prs.k12.ar.us

We are thinking about moving here. May we schedule a visit with your school?

We’re glad you’re considering the Pea Ridge School District! You can connect with the High School Principal, Charley Clark, to schedule a visit. cclark@pearidgek12.com

I've been hearing a lot about ESSA lately. What is that?

Read about ESSA here

I represent a local organization in Northwest Arkansas. I'd like to donate time or materials to your school. How do I go about doing that?

Thank you for your generosity. This can be coordinated through our Principal, Charley Clark. He can be reached at cclark@pearidgek12.com