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Child Development


Career and Technical Education

Sherry Rickard

DESCRIPTION: Experiences in the Parenting course are designed to assist students in developing an understanding of the parenting process and of parenting techniques. Skills developed in this course will be useful to anyone who lives with, associates with, or works with children. This course focuses on parenthood decisions, effects of heredity and environment, rights and responsibilities of parents and children, guidance and discipline, health and safety of children, child abuse and neglect, and careers related to parenting. Child Development focuses on skills needed to guide the physical, intellectual, emotional, and social development of children. Emphasis is given to the study of children, pregnancy and prenatal development, birth and the newborn, types and stages of growth and development, needs of children, factors influencing the behavior of children, selection of child care services, coping with crises, the effects of technology on child development, and careers related to the area of child development.